Bitter Greens

the green thumb, I have it not. this is my second attempt at growing the 'a taste of mexico' windowsill garden - a tantalizing trio of cilantro, tomatillos, and jalapenos - because i inadvertently killed the first one. I'd like to say I lack the knack for growing anything, but truth be told I just haven't ever really tried. the last time I worked with plants, I was in my early years, and was allotted partial responsibility for watering the plants in our new vegetable garden in the backyard. I always watered the weeds on days it was my turn, because I couldn't stand lima beans and didn't want them to grow, for fear that if they did I might actually be expected to eat them. rather unsurprisingly, the vegetable garden in the backyard was a spectacular failure, and I've simply never had occasion to be concerned again. until now. the windowsill planter was a lovely christmas gift from R, who took all my not-so-subtle hints and salsa-loving ways into account when finding the right addition to my kitchen. the first seedlings sprouted and raised my hopes with their little shoots poking through the soil, only to sputter out and wither away within a week. I've procrastinated for a little while now, but finally purchased new potting soil and crossed my fingers. so far, they're not disappointing - although there's a long way to go between me and homegrown salsa.


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