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I don't remember the first time I ever ate sushi, or even the time thereafter, but somewhere along the way I realized: it's excellent. And I like to remind myself every chance I get. For our second date, I took Rob for sushi, and thankfully he's an adventurous eater (it seems I eat just about anything) and sportingly has taken quite well to it. I am sure I could love a man even if he didn't love sushi, but to be quite honest, I'm glad I don't have to find out for certain. Since that time, we've found two by me we keep in a rotation, but I think we've added another.
Over the weekend we found ourselves for the second time at Liki, which we discovered when looking through apartments, as it's dangerously close to his new one. We were highly ambitious and hungry after a weekend of moving, and pushed ourselves to the limit with a split order of seven (!) rolls.
left: orange roll: smoked salmon and eel, topped with mango slices and seaweed salad.
center: lemonade rolls: shrimp with cucumber and avocado, topped with yellowtail, slices of lemon and masago.
right: green river roll: crab topped with kiwi slices and mango sauce.
left: mexican roll: shrimp tempura with cream cheese, topped with avocado.
center: pearl roll: spicy tuna with asparagus, topped with tobiko (the green is wasabi tobiko, and you can taste it.)
right: oyster roll: deep fried oyster, topped with avocado.

Spider rolls, or soft-shell crab tempura, is sort of a tradition - we order one every time, and save the largest pieces with the legs for last. I can never eat the whole piece in one bite, despite valiant efforts, but I didn't make too large a mess - I've improved greatly with chopsticks over a long while. And though it turned out to be more food than we needed certainly, Liki's rolls were so good, so fresh, that we ended up members of the clean plate club in the end. Oh yes, we will return.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seven rolls!?!? The two of you are crazy! The one with mango looks especially tempting.

1:30 AM  
Blogger emily said...

Jennifer -
Thanks for stopping by!
Yes, we certainly were a bit overboard that time - but we can down sushi like none other. And the mango one is really, really good - they also have one with mango, mango sauce, salmon and oyster - which is also fantastic. We just couldn't fit it in that time . . . next, perhaps.

10:48 PM  

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