And Back Again

The blog has been away this past week, pulling maid-of-honor duties for the best friend down in Lexington, Kentucky. I would not have missed it for the world. It was excellent. Berry Hill Mansion was an absolutely beautiful backdrop to an absolutely beautiful wedding. I cried a lot. I miss them both already.
Foodie-wise, there's not a lot to report - Kentucky itself is really really pretty and though we didn't get to do all the tourist stops in the area, Lina and I swung out to Woodford Reserve Distillery. High points for me included the bourbon balls and peach tea and the barrels signed by Julia Child and Wolfgang Puck. I'm not really actually a bourbon fan, and indeed it's probably good because of the rye allergy, but to my knowledge there aren't a lot of distilleries round these parts of Jersey. I also had fried green tomatoes followed later by Derby pie at the rehearsal dinner, which tastes like a warm chocolate chip but gooier and with whipped cream, and am now a total convert to both.
Blogging should be back to normal this week after the brief hiatus. There are some catch-up entries below that with all the packing I never got in before I left, but the muffins in particular are worth the wait to share.

One personal soap-box PSA for anyone who might be flying in or out of Philadelphia International Airport: if you're needing a car service to transport you to or from, I highly recommend against using AA Direct TownCar/Aspire Limo Service. They were the only downside to my trip. Despite the company calling me for directions the morning thereof, and using a GPS navigation system, the driver got lost along the way and arrived twenty-five minutes late for pickup. Upon choosing a lane at the Walt Whitman bridge, he announced in the manner of a bad blind date that he had forgotten his wallet and asked me to come up with the cash to pay the toll. He told me that it's standard company policy to have customers pay for tolls. At the return trip (though I called a different driver, I got the same one), he was fifteen minutes unapologetically late in picking up at the airport. Drove about fifty feet and was stopped by a police officer, who informed him that he had run the stop sign, indicated that he'd spoken to him before about this, and that this was his last warning before a fine. We went about another fifty yards before he ran the next stop sign. If I pay extra for a company that has already shown no respect for my time and itinerary, shame on me. I'm too nice, I should know better than to give a crap company a second chance. But if you show a blatant disregard for safety by completely ignoring traffic laws - shame on you. I'm sure everyone's a bit lax in getting out of airports, a bit more aggressive than they should be, but that isn't an excuse to drive poorly and in particular with a passenger - you just don't do things like that. I was completely thrown by the unprofessionalism of the driver - who then asked me to sign a credit slip before writing in the charge, and wanted to give himself twenty percent and another three dollars for the toll back into Philadelphia. Jerk.
End bitching.