What's In Your Basket?

Rachel (she of the Food Maven and also the highly enjoyable Coconut & Lime) kindly invited me to participate in her What's In Your Basket? event to share my grocery list. Would I? Gladly. I love grocery shopping. Sometimes my friends make fun of me. I'm actually trying to cut back.
I would like to preface, even disclaim, this by saying I feel this is a rather misleading grocery trip, for several reasons. One, I went after book club Monday night meaning it's late and the store - Genuardi's, about a minute drive - didn't have everything I wanted but I'm also not about to make another trip elsewhere at this hour for nonurgent things (such as ground turkey) I nevertheless would have bought had they been there. If I end up at Trader Joe's later in the week I'll be sure to addendum the damage to my wallet. Two, some meal components are things already in the pantry and I'm still working off the impulse buys from the last time (Quaker Quakes Rice Cakes which are single-handedly going to destroy my diet - I'm kind of addicted - and Nabisco 100-calorie cookie packs in three unnecessary flavors, I am so looking at you) and so the totals are down. Three, and perhaps most importantly, I realized my loot looks really deceptively healthful. I'm not a vegetarian, but you might not know that from
this run. And lest you get the wrong impression about all that produce, I'm eating leftover takeout pizza as I blog. Mmm, greasy cheesy goodness.
Ok. I feel better.
Here we go:

2 cans of chickpeas, on sale for fifty cents each
8 oz bar Nestle Chocolatier bittersweet chocolate and 1 can evaporated skimmed milk, for this month's Sugar High Friday
1 container of fake eggs, on sale for 2.49. I like them best perhaps because they don't taste like real eggs. For many that's probably a downside to them, but it's a bonus for me.
1 small container plain nonfat yogurt
1.83 lbs bananas
2 kiwi
1 lime
1 cucumber
2 bunches of scallions. Don't leave the grocery store without them.
2 not-even-close-to-ripe avocadoes, 2 for $3
2 green-skinned pears
5-lb box of clementines, and they better be seedless for 7.99
2 bags baby lettuce blend, on sale for $2 each
1 bag baby spinach, on sale for $2
8 oz fat-free feta block. Buy the block and crumble it yourself and you get 2 oz more than you would buying pre-crumbled for the same price.

grand total: 39.25.


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